Female Breadwinners is now part of InclusIQ

What does the change from Female Breadwinners to InclusIQ mean for you? If you’re still committed to equity in the workplace – not a lot will change. 

We’ll still do the keynotes, coaching and consultancy services you’ve come to associate with Female Breadwinners. However, now we’re focusing on being playful in how leaders upskill to create loyalty from diverse teams.

Why not take a look around the rest of the InclusIQ site.

Keynote Presentations

Dr.Suzanne Doyle-Morris uses a practical and pragmatic presenting style to discuss how professional women can achieve rapid career advancement. Her keynotes focus on modern diversity issues that address how both businesses and individual women must adapt to succeed. As a keynote presenter or panellist, her broad expertise on diversity issues makes Dr. Doyle-Morris one of the most credible speakers on the challenges… and opportunities…for today’s working woman.