We demonstrate why and how proactive companies gain a competitive advantage through inclusive leadership. We regularly work with companies to create interactive, memorable and thought-provoking internal, client-facing or industry events.

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  • Keynote Speeches: Engaging presentations on the benefits of diversity and how to practice inclusive leadership.
  • Panels: Facilitation or participation within panel events to create dialogue.
  • Senior Group Discussions: Facilitated events with senior leaders to move the debate towards action.


  • Conveys the business and personal case for diversity to a wider audience.
  • Sheds light on unconscious bias, ‘benevolent sexism’, ‘unintended gendered consequences’ and the benefits of the inclusive management.
  • Gets buy-in for cultural change to limit ‘group-think’ in an era of increased global competition and collaboration.
  • Moves the discussion past the ‘why’ to the ‘how’ of inclusive leadership.

Ripple Effects: How to Personally Reduce Workplace Bias

In this interactive 30 minute keynote, Dr. Suzanne Doyle-Morris focuses on how the smartest leaders know inclusion is ‘the new normal’ in an increasingly diverse global talent pool and consumer base. With the modern emphasis on bias, unconscious or otherwise, she discusses how conversations about bias are difficult but a new requirement for any 21st century leader who wants to stay ahead of the curve. Dr. Doyle-Morris, weaves stories from her 20 years in diversity and inclusion to look at 3 keys to reducing bias: tackling unspoken messages, questioning what behaviours really get rewarded or prepare for difficult diversity conversations by valuing courage and curiosity over ‘correct’. 

How Proactive Companies Adapt to the Rise of Female Breadwinners

In this popular keynote Dr. Doyle-Morris discusses how organisations must adapt to the rising tide of women who are the main earners for their family as written about in her second book ‘Female Breadwinners’. She’ll look at the business case for diversity, how the market and talent pool is changing and what these shifts mean for proactive employers. Dr. Doyle-Morris then addresses how organisations can evolve to retain and develop key talent for the future. This includes rewarding ‘quiet leadership’ and moving mentoring towards sponsorship as well as highlighting the internal ‘inclusion heroes’. She also discuss how these demographic shifts affect the relationships and expectations between individual men and women.

Raising your Profile to Move Beyond the Boys’ Club

A firm favourite since it accompanied her first book; ‘Beyond the Boys’ Club’, Dr. Doyle-Morris uses this presentation to offer tangible strategies audience members can enact immediately to get noticed by senior stakeholders. She helps women become comfortable with self-promotion in order to get the recognition they deserve, for themselves and their team. Building on her long-standing coaching practice and academic research, Dr. Doyle-Morris focuses on how to get comfortable with being ‘80% perfect’, ‘tooting your own horn’ and delegating in the home and office whilst maintaining your credibility and authenticity.

‘Unleash your Feminine Superpowers’

Women have a headstart in the ‘superpowers’ that benefits both business and society. Skills like diplomacy, empathy, listening, collaboration, low ego, lateral thinking, reading faces and intuiting situations are all skills not frequently seen enough in the modern workplace…yet are all skills high performers consistently demonstrate. Smart organisations capitalise on the differences women can bring to the workplace. Rather than encourage women to become more masculine in order to succeed, encouraging women to be more authentic…and be rewarded for it, is the only way for proactive companies to get ahead.

Why Innovation is the ‘New Normal: Staying ahead in the 21st century’

Personal re-invention and innovation is now the name of the game. Dr. Doyle-Morris will discuss what automation through technology and the rise of global outsourcing means for your career. She’ll discuss why innovators will lead the future and how she went from an American technophobe to a Scottish video game designer and how she’s using technology to get employees talking about unconscious bias. She’ll discuss the key skill of the ‘irrepressible innovator’ and how to use creativity, collaboration and critical thinking to set yourself apart in a marketplace where ‘jobs for life’ are a thing of the past and the prizes will go to those who stay ahead of the game.


I cannot praise Dr. Suzanne Doyle-Morris, founder of InclusIQ, highly enough. She is extremely personable, knowledgable and real. Straight talking but full of useful career advice. I wish I had been fortunate enough to have known Suzanne when I was starting out in my career. Read her book, attend a workshop or work with her. This is the best career move you will ever make.

Girls Geek Scotland

Sheryl NewmanFounder, Girl Geeks Scotland

Dr. Suzanne Doyle-Morris, founder of InclusIQ, was engaging, inspiring, abundantly pragmatic and was able to inject great humour into her presentation. Feedback has been tremendous, Suzanne touched hearts and provoked minds, exactly what we needed!


Julie WatsonChair Women’s Network, Unilever

Dr. Suzanne Doyle-Morris’s advice was easy to follow, but more importantly, her tips were all something that you could walk away and implement immediately. Cannot recommend her highly enough. Thanks, Suzanne!

Morgan Stanley

Lena YoungDirector, Morgan Stanley

Dr. Suzanne Doyle-Morris, founder of InclusIQ, is popular and has a lot of credibility with women in our organisation and she provides effective and accessible expertise. We know if we want to be sure of a successful event Suzanne will deliver.

University of Cambridge

Sigrid FisherHead of Equality and Diversity, University of Cambridge

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