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​As we start 2019, we're starting fresh with a new brand  as well as more video based services for our clients. Our existing branding has been going strong for 5 years, but with the launch of our new Pathway to Promotions Coaching Programme we thought it was a great opportunity to refresh the brand and get things more inline with what we do. 

So Why the ReBrand? 

Our CEO and founder, Dr Doyle-Morris, has 25 years experience working gender based issues, from her first degree in Women's Studies and Psychology to her  University of Cambridge PhD on gender equality - and all her consulting to FTSE100 companies over the last 15+years.   Suzanne is an author of two books, presents across the world on these issues and has helped thousands of women get the careers they want. 

Couple these stats with the fact that our mission is to help the world of business be a more inclusive place. So as you might have already guessed… Dr Suzanne Doyle-Morris IS our brand.  Which is why she gets her name up there in lights. It's her expertise and presenting style people wanted - so we're giving it to them in spades!

It was important for us, moving forward, to make sure people knew that Suzanne is leading our organisation from the front, and when you work with Inclusiq, you’re working with (and getting all of her years of experience) Dr Suzanne Doyle-Morris.

Hence the new brand - hope you like it, as nothing says 'knows her mind' as a well as a slash of  red and cheeky bit of leopard print. 

What 2019 holds in store  for InclusIQ
  • We’ve totally revamped the way we do coaching focusing on online services - and are launching the first stage of this with our Pathway to Promotion course
  • To help more organisations create a more inclusive workforce, we’ve created amazing simulations addressing the same diversity issues we see in our coaching work, which will be launching  in the Spring.
  • And if that wasn’t enough…  another book is on it's way too.…

If you’re interested in any of the above, get in touch at info@inclusiq.com

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