October 2020

Top jobs

Ridiculous question #434 – Do women even want the top jobs?

This is one of the most commonly questions I get when speaking about gender equality- most often by men, but normally by people who assume that women who ‘want top jobs’ behave the same way as men who want top jobs. But for most women I know, the politicking, the self-promotion, the ‘mine is bigger […]

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For women

Book Recommendations: Women from History

I love books, I read them and I can bore the bits off anyone talking about them! Maybe like you? Whether they are fiction and non-fiction, current best-sellers or the classics, I love them all. I do have a particular soft spot for historical fiction. I’m partial to Margaret George, Tracey Chevalier and Jung Chang

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What about the men

International Women’s Day 2020 #eachforequal

International Women’s Day 2020 is about Each for Equal. No matter how you interpret that, fundamentally for IWD, it’s actually good news for both men and women.  I’m Dr Suzanne Doyle-Morris and I’ve been working on gender balance for over twenty years. In my own ‘international women’s day speech’ I want to start looking at

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