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Why Coaching Clinics Improve Your Personal Growth and Development

Make strides towards your personal growth and development and learn how to make all that work actually count.
You’ve probably worked harder in the last few years than ever before. 
Too few people, too much work, not enough time – all amidst a sense of uncertainty.
You may have even wondered if you’re heading in the right direction.
What Personal growth and development success looks like

A short, sharp fix on big changes you want to make now to get the:

  • Role making the difference to where you are now – and set up your future
  • Vital conversations you want to land well
  • Solutions to the career challenges you’re facing

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Improve your personal growth and development with these feature one to one coaching sessions with Suzanne at a time to suit you. 
Plus, she’ll share examples and advice, where relevant, based on what’s worked for other clients to improve your personal growth and development within your career choices.

1. Deciding on the right next role

  • Get clearer on your long-term vision 
  • Own your values-based decisions 
  • Create more options even beyond the next role 
  • Build your external brand and reputation

2. Acing interviews for the job you want

  • Highlight your skill in a way people notice
  • Focus on expertise and minimising gaps 
  • Utilise story-telling for memorable impact 
  • Deep-dive on what the interviewer needs to experience from you

3. Making a stellar impact in your new role

  • Reach out to stakeholders to grow your influence 
  • Own your space in meetings 
  • Handle & responding to criticism 
  • Delegate to maximise impact and make things easier

Benefits you'll get:


More about Coaching Clinics

Who is the programme designed for?
What is in the programme?

What Do Clients Think?

Starting point questions for self-evaluation

Think coaching could work for you?

Do you want a short, sharp fix of individual work, focused on one of the below challenges?

1. Deciding on the right next role
2. Acing interviews for the job you want
3. Making an impact in your new role

If you’ve got a career goal in mind that needs addressing now, but seems out of your reach, I can absolutely help you get there.

These packages are three hours of live, one to one interaction with me. Plus you’ll get topic-specific exercises to do in your own time to drill down and maximise the change you want to make.

Within 6 months of working with me, 80% of my clients have had a promotion, job change or career stretch.

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