Culture Diagnostics

Helping Organisations Improve
Inclusion, Well-Being and Engagement through Consultancy

Dr. Doyle-Morris has provided consultancy assistance for a number of multi-national organisations in the legal, finance, aviation and FMCG sectors over the last 15 years. She deep-dives into an organisation’s culture to help them discover what’s working and what could be done better, with a view to improving inclusion, well-being and engagement.  


She works with the senior team using her coaching skills, to conduct both focus groups and individual interviews to inform her recommendations. Dr. Doyle-Morris also speaks to external stakeholders, such as regulators, competitors and even potential recruits or students in the subjects most in demand by the organisation. This gives Dr. Doyle-Morris’ clients a sense of how they could improve their attraction of new talent, but also appreciate existing concerns about their current brand. All this helps her clients learn what would best serve their own people. Additionally, it gives clients insight into what best practice looks like across sectors, and what customers and the workforce of tomorrow expect. 


Once implemented, these recommendations have dramatic and demonstrable results, as you can see from her case studies – kept non-attributable (as a clients’ confidentiality is always paramount!)


Master Certified Coach

As a consultant, she has advised over 50 organisations in the UK, Europe, and the US - mainly in STEM fields, legal sectors, and financial services, with a focus on improving inclusion and gender balance.

Over two decades, she has presented to Executive Boards and audiences of hundreds, from client-facing events to organisational, industry-based networks. She has lived and worked in 5 different countries, and audiences have been from across the UK and US, from Sweden to Portugal to the Middle East.

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