Family dinner

Eating Dinner Together: the less than Obvious Fix

A few years ago, for my parents 40th wedding anniversary I said a few words about my parents. I don’t think they thought I’d lead with ‘…and we ate dinner together every night!’ But for me, this was vital when I look back at what gave us stability.

In an era when everyone has their own devices, which can seem more important than the people right in front of you, I know it can be tough, but I’m still an advocate for eating a meal together…I just didn’t know how much research backed it up. 

Family dinner

Family meals beat out almost every other activity, including reading books and playing with toys together – when it comes to improving a child’s vocabulary. And the fun doesn’t stop there – teenagers who eat meals with their families get better grades, are less likely to become depressed, attempt suicide, smoke or use drugs

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