Good old Logic in Combatting Mansplaining

I was at a corporate formal dinner (remember those?) late last year, and was introduced to the man sitting next to me by a friend who said ‘You should meet Suzanne, she’s written two books and is about to publish her third.’  Before I could greet him, he then launched into a lengthy monologue about how he’d been encouraged to write a book, by multiple people, for several years…..

Diplomatic/Sucker that I am, I then asked what topic was he considering writing about and he reassured me he had several ideas, as he knew a lot about several different topics. He then continued on about how it would be good for his profile, how it didn’t look that hard etc – all before I contributed anything or he asked me a single question. No doubt you’ve met your own version of my dinner mate:) 

So I was immediately drawn to the logic behind this fantastic flow chart put together by designer Kim Goodwin, who broke the internet when she came up with it last year. If you haven’t seen it though, share it to start a conversation. 

Get Your Ticket to ‘The Con Job’ Launch on November 5

Plus, don’t forget to register for next week’s (November 5) webinar at 5:30pm GMT on ‘The Con Job’ – why it’s vital to talk about and how to raise it with colleagues. 

I’ve been talking with the panellists in preparation and was reminded again that they are that rarity in many organisations: honest, funny and completely awesome. The overvaluing of confidence affects so many industries and our panellists hail from just 3 sectors affected –  finance, fast-moving consumer goods and even the household name of the BBC. 

  • Shoku Amirani: Journalist & Chair EMBRACE network, BBC
  • Barbara-Ann King: CCO, Investec Wealth & Investment
  • Georg Schmundt-Thomas: Frmr. President, Global Hygiene category, Essity,

All of us will be facilitated by Fleur Bothwick OBE, EMEIA Director of Diversity & Inclusion, EY

If you want to see why we should be doing more to champion actual competence in this crazy/unnerving/destructive ‘age of ‘confidence’ (leaders take note!) – this is your chance.  It’s completely free (though you have to bring your own glass of warm white wine to this book launch 😉 – so get your place here. 

Hope to see you there, 


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