How to cope with rejection in your career

Do you find coping with rejection hard? If you want to know how do you deal with rejection and what to do when you get rejected – this video is for you.

Dealing with rejection can be a challenge. Facing rejection is one of the most normal, if not most painful parts of life – and it will affect everyone no matter who you are.

I’ve got 3 ultra-practical ways to help you learn how to deal with rejection.

*SPOILER ALERT* these practical tips to help deal with rejection at work… have NOTHING to do with YOUR CAREER. But they’ve helped hundreds of women working in fields including finance, law and technology. 

I’m also sharing one of the hardest rejections I’ve faced in my career. Just click the link below, and don’t forget to let me know what you think in the comments. 

After this video you’ll be a pro at how to handle job rejection and overcoming rejection will be a breeze. 

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