| E-Learning on Workplace Unconscious Bias:

Is your organisation aware of Unconscious Bias, and training your staff to actively manage it?

Great people make great businesses

But Unconscious Bias can undermine your talent pool, without anyone even realising.

If you work in an organisation where human capital is critical to business success, then diversity of thought is essential for responding to your customers and following the wider market for long term success.
Diversity of thought is a direct result of diversity of people. But unconscious bias, which affects all of us, means we tend to like people who look like us, think like us and come from backgrounds similar to ours. Unconscious Bias can create self-defeating choices and behaviours that unintentionally block diversity in your organisation.

Increasingly clients are asking for diversity in their supply chain – a challenge for many organisations. Getting the best people, irrespective of background, goes beyond compliance and regulatory responsibilities – but is as vital to get right.

InclusIQ’s unconscious bias e-learning covers managing and mitigating risk from unconscious bias during recruitment, promotion and succession discussions. This helps ensure that you hire and retain the best people for your business.

What are the risks?

Ensuring everyone has access to unconscious bias training reduces the risk of:

  • misinterpretations between colleagues and ill will
  • potential discrimination suits
  • bad management decisions
  • loss of key talent

Unconscious Bias?

Unconsciously, we tend to like people who look like us, think like us and come from backgrounds similar to ours.

This is a human trait that must be managed to create powerful teams and organisations capable of delivering long term value.

InclusIQ’s e-learning module on Unconscious Bias goes beyond compliance level diversity training to deliver nuanced leadership results.

Unconscious Bias at InclusIQ

InclusIQ has specialised in workplace inclusion issues and unconscious bias for over 20 years. We’ve now transformed that knowledge into a series of e-learning packages ideally suited for individual learning.

Choose from three modules:

  • Understanding Unconscious Bias and How it Hinders Decision-Making
  • Making Better Decisions in Recruitment and Hiring
  • Making Better Decisions in Promotions and Day to Day People Management

Our e-learning modules are:

  • More time and cost-effective than creating your own content from scratch
  • Compatible with  any SCORM-based LMS platform (e.g. BlackBoard, VinciWorks, Moodle)
  • Customisable for your own firm’s values and diversity goals

Each e-learning module covers

  • an introduction to unconscious bias, explaining its origins and prevalence
  • scenarios, where learners must choose the best option
  • practical strategies to combat biased thinking patterns

Learners are engaged with

  • a ‘safe’ learning methodology
  • a mix of examples, real-life scenarios and quiz questions
  • illustrative stories, and modern best practice

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S+W recently worked with InclusIQ to create bespoke e-learning for our partners on the potential for unconscious bias in recruitment and promotion in our firm.  We have received really great internal feedback on the e-learning tool, and it is certainly the best I have seen. I found myself still thinking about its lessons long after I had completed the e-learning module – a rarity I”m sure you can appreciate!


Katie RussellPartner - Employment Division, Shepherd and Wedderburn