Preparations for International Women’s Day

​The theme this year is ‘balance for better’. And they’d love you to join the campaign with your own photos of balance. Here’s my shot – taking my lunchtime break for 2 necessities: a doggie ‘comfort break’ and to stretch the spine most of us are overworking from desk jobs.

When I got back to the office, we debated which aspect of gender equality was most in need of ‘balance’ (ok all of it, but if you had to pick one thing). We talked about the ups and downs of running as a couple or a larger family and how that impacted breadwinning; a topic more relevant today than ever but still frustratingly taboo. When I wrote Female Breadwinners, this was the first piece I’d ever penned in which the women didn’t want to be named or even recognisable. However, I think there’s a lot of pride in being a major financial contributor to your household.
So this year we’ll be focusing on removing some of that stigma for IWD this year.  

You can get involved by:
Following the #balancedbreadwinning hashtag on Twitter 
and watch and share this video… 

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