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"No one cares about your career as much as you do"

- Suzanne Doyle-Morris, PhD

I’m Dr Suzanne Doyle-Morris and I’ve been on a mission

Helping women in male-dominated and STEM environments
– since 1998.

Since then, I’ve been supporting women to #EmbraceEquity (IWD theme for 2023) with my popular webinars and top-selling books giving these professionals the tools to succeed.

At least one of which will be perfect for your organisation. 

My webinars focus on all aspects of the intersectional workplace and the challenges of discrimination and disadvantage.

Fifteen years of thought-provoking webinars

The pandemic introduced millions of us to online events, but I nailed it over a decade ago. 

Since then, I’ve given over 250 live presentations to a wide range of organisations.

Gender in the workplace: so is it just about women?

While my work focuses on women in male-dominated fields, it’s all about improving inclusion. 

All teams benefit from the diversity of thought from a genuine mix of races, nationalities, ages, gender and backgrounds.

Inclusive leaders create the most engaged, innovative and ultimately, profitable – teams. This isn’t just politically correct rhetoric – it’s fact.

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Getting ahead for competence in a world obsessed with confidence

‘The Con Job’ is my latest book and forms the backdrop for this webinar. I take a deep dive into the science and evidence of how people, especially women, get left behind in business. And what they can do about it.

getting ahead

What we explore:

  • Getting recognition for your credibility
  • Challenging the importance we place on ‘faking it’ and bravado
  • Becoming better valued for what really matters – your skills

Paperback book to embed learning

Attendees can easily get ‘The Con Job’ book through an online order  (We send a discount code) and posted to the delegates’ home address, simplifying the process.

Bulk book orders may be personalised with a company message or logo and can be signed by Suzanne at no extra charge.

— 02

Career development and the new normal

We’re now in a world where continual upskilling and remote working for convenience and climate change are all the ‘new normal’. 

career development for money

What we explore:

Building on the lessons from Suzanne’s book ‘Female Breadwinners’ this talk covers ideas on how to:

  • React quickly to the changes in your sector 
  • Rapidly upskill on the cheap
  • Manage ‘working post-Covid’ expectations so they work best for you

Paperback book to embed learning

Attendees can easily get ‘Female Breadwinners’ book through an online order  (We send a discount code) and posted to the delegates’ home address, simplifying the process.

Bulk book orders may be personalised with a company message or logo and can be signed by Suzanne at no extra charge.

— 03

Ripple effects: Reducing bias and workplace politics for wider impact

Many 21st century employers recognise only diverse perspectives will get them ahead. However, culture can feel slow to change.  

reverse mentoring

What we explore:

This webinar focuses on how to:

  • Become a better ally for under-represented groups 
  • Stand up to toxic behaviour 
  • Be the authentic colleague with whom people want to work
— 04

How successful women raise their profile without selling their souls

A firm favourite since it accompanied her first book, ‘Beyond the Boys’ Club’, Dr. Doyle-Morris offers tangible strategies that benefit both female and male audience members.  

Like a boss

What we explore:

If you want to get noticed for your hard work, but in a way that maintains your authenticity and who you want to be, this talk covers how to:

  • Embrace being ‘80% perfect’
  • ‘Toot your own horn’ and keep the focus on your work
  • Get comfortable delegating more at work and at home

Paperback book to embed learning

Attendees can easily get ‘Beyond the Boys’ Club’ book through an online order  (We send a discount code) and posted to the delegates’ home address, simplifying the process.

Bulk book orders may be personalised with a company message or logo and can be signed by Suzanne at no extra charge.

"Get a promotion in 7 steps"

and updates for women working in male-dominated fields

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YouTube 'how-to' videos on career progression

Client feedback on my speaker webinars:

Silke Patel, Senior Marketing Manager at Leidos UK was so impressed, she made me this video.  She explains why her organisation rated my online ‘Con Job’ webinar so highly. And how useful it was for all delegates to receive a book in the post. Watch the short (2 mins) captioned video.

Read about my previous speaker webinars

Women's enterprise Scotland logo

Leidos, Women's Enterprise Scotland & The Scottish Parliament's Women's Network Event


This event was inspired by my book ‘The Con Job — Getting ahead for competence in a world obsessed with confidence’. I look at the experiences of women in male-dominated fields, share how the ‘con’ happens, why it happens, and how to respond to it at work.  I then led a fantastic panel to discuss further:

Carolyn Currie, CEO, Women’s Enterprise Scotland (WES)

Kathleen Riach, Professor, University of Glasgow

Jillian Giles, Business Development Manager, Leidos UK

Judith Morrison, Solicitor to Scottish Parliament

Client feedback on my ‘Con Job’ presentation:

‘Suzanne’s webinar will be one of those events…who years on, people will still talk about…’

Caroline Currie, CEO, Women’s Enterprise Scotland (WES)

Shell logo

PCRO Shell International Limited


My ‘The Con Job’ webinar attracted 50% more attendees than online events at the company normally attract. Delegates stayed online for the whole 90 minutes, instead of the usual drop off. Both of these facts delighted the organisers. There was huge engagement in the chat-box, with attendees asking for more on these issues – stimulating ideas for new events for the hosts in the future.

Client feedback:

‘…We started with comments such as “I think I have been waiting for this event all my life” and closed with “Really great session with lots of takeaways, including knowing colleagues are feeling similarly to me.”

Nicola Lancaster, Senior Legal Counsel, PCRO Shell International Limited

CyberArk logo



450 delegates. This was the first online event for me where the audience consisted of more male than female attendees. An International Women’s Day webinar, this demonstrated a wider appeal than even I was expecting. Delegates participated from their main offices – in Tel Aviv, Boston and London.  450 of them received copies of the ‘Con Job’ book to continue their engagement with a competence-first mindset. 

Client feedback:

‘Suzanne spoke to our global audience …her humour and incisive observations were a huge hit with our mixed gender audience…I recommend buying books for attendees!’

Tasnim Tudor, Director Global Talent, Programmes at Cyber Ark

ARM logo



I ran two events for ARM’s Inclusion Week: a wider event with several hundred in attendance introducing the concepts behind ’The Con Job’ and a smaller workshop follow-up on the practicalities with delegates receiving a copy of my book.  The events went so well, the internal organisers remarked that it had challenged their assumptions that voluntary online events always had to be short.

Client feedback:

‘We ran two online events: and the feedback couldn’t have been stronger. Very high attendance. Fantastic panel facilitation. Phenomenal engagement via the chat boxes and question tool that Suzanne creatively encouraged. No one left the virtual room. All huge wins! Plus, the delegates were excited to get their books sent to their home to embed the learning – all arranged for us by InclusIQ. One delegate commented it was the best online event she had ever attended.’

Berenice Mann, Senior Marketing Manager, Arm.


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Are you ready to debunk the greatest ‘Con Job’

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This book is a mix of anecdotes, advice, research and interviews with senior global business leaders.

The con job

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