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"No one cares about your career as much as you do"

- Suzanne Doyle-Morris, PhD

Take Control of Your Inner Critic

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I’m Dr Suzanne Doyle-Morris and I’ve been on a mission

Helping women in male-dominated and STEM environments
– since 1998.

Since then, I’ve been supporting women to #EmbraceEquity (IWD theme for 2023) with my popular webinars and top-selling books giving these professionals the tools to succeed.

At least one of which will be perfect for your organisation. 

My webinars focus on all aspects of the intersectional workplace and the challenges of discrimination and disadvantage.

"Get a promotion in 7 steps"

and updates for women working in male-dominated fields

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    Client feedback on my speaker webinars:

    Silke Patel, Senior Marketing Manager at Leidos UK was so impressed, she made me this video.  She explains why her organisation rated my online ‘Con Job’ webinar so highly. And how useful it was for all delegates to receive a book in the post. Watch the short (2 mins) captioned video.


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    Career advancement

    See how executive coaching could work for you, either privately or sponsored by your employer. 

    Executive coaching

    For Employers

    Let me work with your staff to help them question their assumptions and create thought-provoking insight and self-awareness. 

    This gives employees the boost they need to deliver on your goals, but also as they leaders they want to be. 

    Coaching clinic

    For Individuals

    I’m all about authenticity. You want a career that will help you stay true to who you are – and who you want to become.

    Working with me can deliver the goals you want to achieve. We do this by focusing on why those goals matter and what they’ll bring not just you, but everyone around you.  

    Best Selling Books

    Easy to give and can include company message, my best selling books are the foundations of my popular presentations. They embed learning, create exercises and drive event attendance.

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