Executive Coaching

Over 80% of Dr. Doyle-Morris' clients enjoy a career improvement or promotion within 6 months.

Everyone makes choices, uses judgements and has assumptions – some of which no longer serve you. 

If you want deeper insights to live a more expansive and rewarding life, and get more from your career, executive coaching could be for you. 

Benefits you'll get:

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Who is the program designed for?
What is in the program?

Professional Coaching

Change, even when it is wanted, can feel uncomfortable for anyone.

As I’ve been for hundreds of senior women, it’s my role to be your objective sounding board. We’ll uncover who you want to become and help develop the plan to get there.

You will laugh, but it’s my job to stretch you, uncover assumptions that may be holding you back, dig deeper on what is truly important to you – all to move you forward to the future you actually want.

Your objective sounding board

I’ve spent the last 20 years and over 2700 hours coaching professionals to get the roles they deserve and the lives they want. 

Using videoconference for most sessions, clients come from the United Kingdom, Europe and North America. I’ve worked and lived in 5 different countries. 

I have applied for my Master Certified Coach – the highest credential awarded by the external accrediting body, the International Coach Federation.

What Comes Up?

My clients often work in high performing fields, often in the legal, financial services, FMCG and technology sectors. Sessions are unique to the client, but common topics include:

What Do Clients Think?

Think coaching could work for you?

If you’ve got a career goal in mind, but it just seems just out of your reach, I can absolutely help you get there.

These packages are twelve hours of live, one to one interaction with me.

Often taken over a year, to maximise the changes you’ll see, we drill down and uncover your assumptions, to strategically think through your goals. This means you can achieve them as enjoyably and quickly as you can.

Within 6 months of working with me, 80% of my clients have had a promotion, job change or career stretch.

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