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I base my keynote speaker webinars around my books, the latest of which of is The Con Job. My books have inspired the International Women’s Day presentations I’ve been giving for years. These topics I cover seem to go down well with international organisational audiences, no matter the time of year!

While many of us are new to videoconferencing, I nailed it over ten years ago. This means, instead of suffering death by PowerPoint, I work the chat box with my audiences to keep them engaged and invested. By using a mix of humour, research, and practical takeaways, I provoke audiences to challenge their assumptions. It’s powerful stuff, delivered by someone who has walked the walk.

Keynote Speaker Webinars - What’s your secret?

No secret, really. I don’t invent anything.

My work is informed by over twenty years of extensive personal academic and empirical research and a genuine desire to help professionals get ahead.

I have spent my career advising everyone from CEOs who want to create inclusive cultures to junior employees just starting out. All of which has informed my books and every speaker webinar I do.

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Client feedback on my speaker webinars:

Silke Patel, Senior Marketing Manager at Leidos UK was so impressed, she made me this video.  She explains why her organisation rated my online ‘Con Job’ webinar so highly. And how useful it was for all delegates to receive a book in the post. Watch the short (2 mins) captioned video.

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Are your webinars only of interest to women?

My audiences are mixed as – no surprise – most workforces have a range of employees.

While my webinars are often female focused, I have successfully spoken to audiences with more men present. In fact, it’s normal for my audiences have more men present, especially in the STEM sector. Many organisations use my webinars as a way to attract mixed gender audiences. Simply put: my talks are for professionals who want to advance their careers.

How many of my staff can attend?

This is where you get more bang for your buck. With the modern marvel of online recording, there is no upper limit. I’ve run successful live events for over four hundred people across three continents simultaneously.

Is it just you talking?

It doesn’t need to be.

I can showcase your internal talent.

My speaker webinars are interactive with lots of audience participation. Normally they run for 90 minutes.

We end with a Q&A, or more popular is a panel of three made up of staff members (organised prior) with me as chair, and the rest of the staff are able to ‘grill’ them on topics we have discussed. Quite often we run out of time – which is incredible for an online event of this nature.

The book deal

I suggest one of my books for each delegate to keep, to help to embed their learning. The books are offered to companies at a discounted rate and are sent to attendees’ home address prior to the webinar.

The book can be personalised and have the company logo and company message included at no additional cost. Delegates then have something tangible to go back to months or even years after the presentation, and the books are always well received. 

What webinars do you present?

Read more about the webinars and accompanying books. Also available from Amazon

You’ll be able to read some testimonials and see how previous webinars have impressed both the delegates and the organisers.

getting ahead

Improving inclusion: Getting ahead for competence in a world obsessed with confidence

You’re skilled, but do you feel overlooked at work? If you’ve ever felt passed over or that you need to put on a ‘show’ in order to get ahead – this is the presentation for you.  A key part of improving inclusion is in the way we judge ‘confidence’. Not progressing is too often blamed […]

reverse mentoring

Inspire Inclusion: Improving your ‘ripple effects’ for wider impact

​Many 21st century employers recognise inclusion is the only way to succeed in a rapidly changing global marketplace. Inclusion will help you better handle workplace politics and retain your talent pool. However, even well-intentioned employees can overlook the unintended consequences; the ‘ripple effects’ of poor people decisions.  Using over 20 years of consultancy in growing […]

career development for money

Career development and the new normal

We’re now in a world where continual up-skilling, female high earners and remote working for convenience and climate change are all the ‘new normal’. Ongoing career development in such a rapidly changing workplace is key. Building on the lessons from her book ‘Female Breadwinners’ this talk covers ideas on how to showcase your ‘learners mindset’ to […]

Like a boss

How successful women raise their profile without selling their souls

​This has been a firm favourite since it accompanied her first book about successful women; ‘Beyond the Boys’ Club’.   Dr. Doyle-Morris uses this presentation to offer tangible strategies that benefit audience members of all backgrounds. 20 years of successful women have created the content Dr. Doyle-Morris addresses tactics to work around the constant challenges faced […]

What works best for your audience?

Find out more about interactive presentations for your employees by downloading the Speaker Sheet pdf

Demonstrating both competence and confidence

I heard Suzanne speak at a Future of Work MeetUp. I knew that her messages on building confidence through focusing on competence would resonate well with my colleagues. Her style is engaging and she practices what she preaches, demonstrating both competence and confidence in her work. Her session was well received in our… Read more “Demonstrating both competence and confidence”

Hymans Robertson logo
Monica Smith, Partner, Head of Coaching & Development
Hymans Robertson

Animated and enthusiastic audience engagement

After participating in hundreds of events, I often meet people, who even many years on, still talk about the impact of a particular event. No doubt, based on the animated and enthusiastic audience engagement she got about her big ideas, Suzanne’s talk will certainly be one of “those” events – and never more needed than… Read more “Animated and enthusiastic audience engagement”

Women's enterprise Scotland logo
Carolyn Currie, CEO
Women’s Enterprise Scotland

We’d have Suzanne back in a heartbeat

The feedback we received from our BCS Women event with Suzanne was outstanding and we’d have Suzanne back in a heartbeat. I love her no-holds barred approach and I’m sure you will… Read more “We’d have Suzanne back in a heartbeat”

British computing society logo
Sharon Moore MBE
British Computing Society

I love her no holds barred approach!

I love her no holds barred approach! I learned a lot and suspect you will… Read more “I love her no holds barred approach!”

Censis logo
Sharon Moore MBE, Board Member

Cannot recommend her highly enough

Dr. Suzanne Doyle-Morris’s advice was easy to follow, but more importantly, her tips were all something that you could walk away and implement immediately. Cannot recommend her highly enough. Thanks,… Read more “Cannot recommend her highly enough”

Morgan Stanley logo
Lena Young, Director
Morgan Stanley

Highly knowledgeable, very engaging, insightful and inspiring

Suzanne’s training was of tremendous help and gave us a great start towards making a difference in our culture. The most common feedback was: “highly knowledgeable, very engaging, insightful and… Read more “Highly knowledgeable, very engaging, insightful and inspiring”

Architas logo
Stephanie Carbonneil, Senior Investment Manager

The keynote and was highly rated

Suzanne was the keynote at our launch of our sector wide research and was highly rated by all our delegates, including law firm owners and public sectors… Read more “The keynote and was highly rated”

Law society of Scotland logo
Neil Stevenson, Director of Representation and Professional Support
Law Society of Scotland

Her message was very powerful

Her message was very powerful and simple: “No one cares as much about your career as you do!” It was a terrific session and we are already looking forward to having Suzanne come… Read more “Her message was very powerful”

Unilever logo
Jane Moran CIO

Get ready to question what you thought you knew

Get ready to question what you thought you knew about confidence and come out with better answers about who has it and why, than you did… Read more “Get ready to question what you thought you knew”

Women's enterprise Scotland logo
Professor Lynne Cadenhead, Chair
Women’s Enterprise Scotland

She provides effective and accessible expertise

Dr. Suzanne Doyle-Morris, founder of InclusIQ, is popular and has a lot of credibility with women in our organisation and she provides effective and accessible expertise. We know if we want to be sure of a successful event Suzanne will… Read more “She provides effective and accessible expertise”

University of Cambridge logo
Sigrid Fisher, frmr. Head of Equality and Diversity
University of Cambridge

Actively engaging our community

…thought-provoking, actively engaging our community…high levels of participation…the highest registration and attendee numbers we’ve ever… Read more “Actively engaging our community”

The future of work in Scotland logo
Sathpal Singh, CITP, CMgr, FLPI Organiser
The Future of Work Scotland

Content that gets people talking!

SDM spoke to Elevate – our internal Hensoldt Women’s Network. Over 1000 men and women attended internationally, a huge win for us and big sign people were hungry for more multi-cultural and potentially even controversial content that gets people… Read more “Content that gets people talking!”

Hensoldt logo
Sarah Sterzl, Group Sustainability Manager

Thanks so much – very powerful!

Working with Dr SDM was a pleasure – extremely professional and her message very thought-provoking. Our IWD event was a huge hit with both our internal audience and global clients who said: ‘Thanks so much – very… Read more “Thanks so much – very powerful!”

DLA Piper logo
Mia Man, Snr Business Dev. Manager
DLA Piper Middle East LLP

Insightful and thought-provoking

380 chose to attend from all across Asia and Europe, and even more requested the recording, which highlights the impact we wanted the event to have! Would thoroughly recommend to other audiences who value insightful and thought-provoking… Read more “Insightful and thought-provoking”

HSBC logo
Emily French, Head of Employee as a Customer, Wealth and Personal Banking
HSBC Bank Plc.

Entertaining, fascinating insights, practical tips and advice

Suzanne is one of my favourite presenters, not only is she entertaining and forthright, she also has fascinating insights and provides practical tips and advice which can be put to immediate benefit. A pleasure to have at… Read more “Entertaining, fascinating insights, practical tips and advice”

Clifford Chance logo
Laura King, Partner
Clifford Chance

A huge hit with our mixed gender audience

Suzanne spoke to our global audience prior to the release of ‘The Con Job’. Her humour and incisive observations were a huge hit with our mixed gender audience and I’d thoroughly recommend buying books for… Read more “A huge hit with our mixed gender audience”

CyberArk logo
Tasnim Tudor - Director, Global Talent Programmes

Phenomenal engagement, totally raised the bar!

2 different events and the feedback couldn’t have been stronger: very high attendance, especially for an online event, fantastic panel facilitation, phenomenal engagement via the chat boxes and question tool, that Suzanne creatively encouraged and no one left the virtual room – all huge wins! Plus, the delegates were excited to get a copy of… Read more “Phenomenal engagement, totally raised the bar!”

ARM logo
Berenice Mann, Snr. Marketing Manager

I have been waiting for this call all my life!

We started with “I think I have been waiting for this call all my life!” and closed with “Really great session with lots of take-aways – including knowing colleagues are feeling similarly to… Read more “I have been waiting for this call all my life!”

Shell logo
Nicola Lancaster, Senior Legal Counsel, DS/UP/IG
PCRO Shell Intn’l Ltd.

Client feedback on my speaker webinars:

Silke Patel, Senior Marketing Manager at Leidos UK was so impressed, she made me this video.  She explains why her organisation rated my online ‘Con Job’ webinar so highly. And how useful it was for all delegates to receive a book in the post. Watch the short (2 mins) captioned video.
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