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As a leader, you know that investing in the development of your top talent pays dividends.

Our Peak Resilience Accelerator executive coaching program can help take your female leaders to the next level.

Designed exclusively for aspiring executives, this 8-week virtual program is perfect for high-potential leaders in your organization.

The Peak Resilience Accelerator unlocks self-belief, boosts resilience and enhances mental fitness to elevate their impact.

Program Benefits:

60-minute weekly group coaching sessions

Daily neural rewiring exercises via our app

Connections with other ambitious women leaders

Celebration of achievements and growth

Enhanced confidence, mindset, and leadership presence

We recommend forming a cohort of 5 or more rising executives from your company. The group dynamic accelerates learning, networking, and motivation.

What's in Store for You

What's included:

1️⃣ Introduction Session: A powerful 60-minute kickoff to set the stage for your transformation.

2️⃣ Weekly Video Lessons: Dive deep into the PQ mindset with one-hour video lessons each week.

3️⃣ Daily Neural Pathway Building: Just 15 minutes a day on the exclusive ‘Positive Intelligence’ app, designed to fit your schedule.

4️⃣ Weekly Group Sessions: Collaborate and share insights with like-minded aspiring leaders during 60-minute closed group sessions.

5️⃣ Grand Finale: A celebration session at the end of the eight weeks to mark your incredible journey.

Your attendance is crucial, but we understand life can get busy. That’s why we record each session so you can catch up on any missed sessions.


Why choose the Peak Resilience Accelerator?

🔍 Evidence-Based: We use scientifically proven techniques to reshape neural pathways, ensuring tangible results.

🌐 Networking Opportunity: Connect with fellow tech-savvy women in your group, expanding your knowledge and your network.

✅ Proven Success: Our approach works! You can expect increased resilience and enhanced problem-solving skills.

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Improve your workforce with Peak Resilience Accelerator groups for accelerated learning, networking, and motivation.

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