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The legal sector old boys' club prevails even in a field with plenty of female graduates

Women in the legal sector should have it made, right?
Legal sector

With women awarded more than half of all law degrees – as they’ve done for decades, this sector doesn't initially appear male-dominated.

No problems here then? 


That is until you notice how few women make Partner, let alone Equity Partner, and finally leave for other in-house roles.


It is particularly striking when the ‘traditional’ firm’s clients are often the very same women they didn’t deem ‘good enough’ to be made Partner at their own firm. 


This is something any forward-thinking legal organisation needs to address.


In addition to outdated attitudes, women in legal and people from underrepresented backgrounds contend with legacy issues in this sector. 




Benefits of Coaching and Mentoring

Many in the field ‘inherited’ contacts and advantages their ‘legal eagle’ or well-connected parents gifted to them – tough for a sector that seemingly wants the best talent from all walks of life.   

Plus, as firms merge, competition for talent intensifies. This is the landscape my clients, and by default I’ve worked, within for years. 

This lack of progression can be hugely demoralising. My clients joined the sector for the love of justice and to make a difference.

However, there are ways around these challenges

There are ways to thrive in fields that were never set up with the 21st century mindset we’ll all need.

These are tactics I’ve coached on and discussed with audiences for nearly 20 years in organisations like those below:

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