Peak Resilience Accelerator® ADVANCE

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Peak Resilience Accelerator® ADVANCE

“After our 8 weeks together,  you’ve gained new insights and feel your mindset has started to shift. As you’ll remember from Shirzad’s earliest lessons, controlling your saboteurs is a lifelong challenge.

To support that, I’d like to invite you to Peak Resilience Accelerator ADVANCE

It’s a less intensive ongoing programme that helps you grow your gains and learn just how widely you can apply these lessons.” – Dr. Suzanne Doyle-Morris

ADVANCE Program Benefits:

After taking the 8 week Peak Resilience Accelerator®, you can further develop your gains for:

Improved mental fitness and sense of well-being

Calmer feelings within challenging situations

Faster skills in challenging limiting and unhelpful sabotaging beliefs

Greater control in your reactions to, and with others

Increased willingness to take more risks aligned to your ‘Sage’

Enhanced insights on your saboteurs to use with colleagues, friends and family

The Peak Resilience Accelerator® ADVANCE subscription helps you maintain the growth you’ve made and turn the lessons you’re loving into a habit rather than a one-off gain.

Peak Resilience Accelerator® ADVANCE Quarterly

£595 (+VAT) every 3 months

Peak Resilience Accelerator® ADVANCE Yearly

£2100 (+VAT) per annum, saving £280 per year

What's in Store for You

With this cost-effective package, you’ll enjoy these continued wins via:

1️⃣ Monthly one hour ADVANCE sessions with Suzanne – recorded on a private YouTube channel for your convenience.

2️⃣ Ongoing ‘Focus of the Day’ exercises to maintain your PQ fitness – on the app and now customised to your schedule.

3️⃣ Maximising the benefit of the PQ gym and Daily Focus to grow your ‘Sage’.

4️⃣ Group messaging support in between sessions.

Now that you have the fundamentals, live sessions continue  monthly and go even deeper.


Interactive Monthly Sessions

In these interactive video sessions, you’ll dive deeper on specific saboteurs and using your growing PQ skills for:

🤝 Stakeholder management

😓 Stress and conflict management

😬 Working/living with difficult people

🚧 Setting boundaries

⚙️ Optimising productivity

🏋️ Health maintenance

🤹‍♀️ Maintaining energy while caretaking for parents and children

🧐 Using evidence to challenge my assumptions

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Parenting and role-modelling

🔄 Detaching from taking things personally

🌐 Visibility and promotion readiness

💪 Resilience & energy optimisation

🌱 Trauma-informed awareness

🎭 Modelling authentic leadership

👫 Relationship with children and significant others

🎯 Prioritising personal values & goals

Peak Resilience Accelerator® was a fantastic kickstart, and you can continue your journey with a subscription at a more cost-effective rate than even the initial programme!

Want Individual Support?

Engage even further with monthly individual coaching sessions with Dr. Doyle-Morris

focusing on your specific goals and on your schedule

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Confidence catalyst programme testimonial
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