Peak Resilience Accelerator

Unlock Your Full Potential

With the Peak Resilience Accelerator for Aspiring Leaders!

Are you ready to ignite your inner power and become the influential leader you’re meant to be?

Introducing the Peak Resilience Accelerator to silence the saboteur voices that hold you back.

It’s a ground breaking eight-week group coaching virtual programme designed exclusively for aspiring leaders.

Peak Resilience Accelerator Groups

We recommend forming a cohort of five or more for accelerating learning, networking, and motivation. This is particularly useful for those wishing to apply on behalf of an organisation, too. Click the button to register your interest for a group session now!

Mark Your Calendar

We sold out in 2023, now join us for our 2024 season!

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What kind of saboteurs do you have?

Take this 5 minute test to find out which of your saboteurs is the strongest, working with Positive Intelligence™

What's in Store for You

Week 1:

Identifying your saboteurs & stakeholder mapping

Week 2:

Taking control of your limiting thoughts

Week 3:

Being the boss of your inner ‘Judge’

Week 4:

Stopping your self-doubt ‘gremlins’ faster

Week 5:

Shifting mindset: How is this an opportunity?

Week 6:

Leading with empathy and authenticity

Week 7:

Building on challenges & activating your next steps

Week 8:

Sustaining your momentum

do what you want to be

Empower Your Mindset

Start with a one to one coaching session with Dr. Doyle-Morris to establish your goals for the 8 weeks.  

Then join our weekly transformative sessions and delve into the power of the PQ™ mindset with dynamic video lessons led by experts in the field. 

This boosts your confidence, resilience, and decision-making prowess.

Neural Pathway Building

Dedicate just 15 minutes a day to the innovative neural pathway exercises on our user-friendly app.

Witness firsthand as these exercises enhance your cognitive agility, helping you conquer challenges with finesse.

confidence catalyst groups

Connect and Elevate

Be part of a close-knit community of like-minded women in technology.

Exchange insights, amplify your knowledge, and widen your professional network through our engaging 60-minute group sessions.

Grand Finale

Celebrate your growth, achievements, and newfound confidence during our concluding reflection session in week 8.

Why Choose the Peak Resilience Accelerator?

Backed by Science

Rooted in evidence-based research that rewires your neural pathways for lasting change.

You’ll leverage your neuroplasticity for empathy, creativity and self-doubt reduction through brain-training. 


Harness Collective Wisdom

Experience the magic of group coaching, where you’ll tap into the hard earned knowledge and experiences of your fellow group members.

Expand your knowledge while building lifelong connections.

Results Guaranteed

The programme delivers tangible results.

Enjoy enhanced resilience and an adept ability to tackle life’s challenges head-on.

Experience the transformation for yourself!

Elevate Your Leadership Journey

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Peak Resilience Accelerator for Aspiring Leaders

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