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Women working in financial sector have a unique set of challenges.

Women in the finance sector have successfully earned the right credentials to warrant a seat at the table, from recent graduates all the way up to executive level.

The issue here isn’t in attracting women to these fields – it’s in retaining and progressing them to who they could be.

finance sector

After all, this is where bravado, bonus pot negotiations, and a ‘winner takes all’ mentality prevails.

In these organisations, women are often kept in roles that are customer-facing or research based, but often lower valued – a real challenge for progression and at bonus time.

My clients, whether individuals for executive coaching or audiences for my presentations, within these rapidly changing institutions, get ahead by focusing on what matters most to them. 


This means a focus on who she wants to be, not just in her current role – but in the years beyond. 

This makes every tough situation easier to handle or a decision made faster. That’s key in industries where time is money. 

Women in Banking

This helps them get what they want, while also better handling: 

  • Interuptions in meetings and at work
  • Bad office conduct and behaviour
  • Workplace bullying

All can be rife in financial services – even as these women ascend to higher levels.

However, there are ways around these challenges

There are ways to thrive in fields that were never set up with the 21st century mindset we’ll all need.

These are tactics I’ve coached on and discussed with audiences for nearly 20 years in organisations like those below:

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