Not Quite Sure if I am Right for Your Sector?

Aviation, fast moving consumer goods, telecommunications - the top jobs are still often held by men

Not quite sure? Just because you don’t work in STEM or more traditional professional services, doesn’t mean you are immune to many of the challenges faced by women in male-dominated sectors.

Not quite sure? My clients notice the more senior you become in most fields, the more likely you're working, and competing, with men. 

This happens whether you are in fast-moving consumer goods, aviation, utilities, telecommunications or education – all fields in which my clients work.

Indeed as we move towards more technological integration in every field, there is increasing overlap between these fields and the more traditionally male-dominated sectors.

These guys can be great colleagues, but knowing you’re way around any challenging system is a must. 

Promoting Equality and Diversity

However, there are ways around these challenges

There are ways to thrive in fields that were never set up with the 21st century mindset we’ll all need.

These are tactics I’ve coached on and discussed with audiences for nearly 20 years in organisations like those below:

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