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Career development and the new normal

We’re now in a world where continual up-skilling, female high earners and remote working for convenience and climate change are all the ‘new normal’. Ongoing career development in such a rapidly changing workplace is key.

Building on the lessons from her book ‘Female Breadwinners’ this talk covers ideas on how to showcase your ‘learners mindset’ to your employer. Career development relies on you staying current, and having a ‘competency first mindset. This is about providing evidence of how you’ve focused on learning, during the good economic times and the bad.

This is where we discuss what the new normal means for ‘earners, learners and returners’.

In this presentation about modern career development, Dr. Doyle-Morris focuses on how to:
  • React quickly to the changes in your sector 
  • Rapidly upskill on the cheap
  • Manage ‘working post-Covid’ expectations so they work best for you

This presentation has had great reviews for its relevance to a wide range of sectors; most often those in male dominated fields. It focuses on what employees as individuals have inherited in this ‘post-covid’ workplace.

Within career development, the old rule book has been ripped up. This provides opportunities; but only for those who focus on a ‘competency-first mindset’.

To keep the audience engaged, Dr. Doyle-Morris uses the chat-box from the beginning to draw people in, so they are relieved, inspired and even excited as to what these changes could mean for them personally.

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