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Inspire Inclusion: Improving your ‘ripple effects’ for wider impact

​Many 21st century employers recognise inclusion is the only way to succeed in a rapidly changing global marketplace. Inclusion will help you better handle workplace politics and retain your talent pool. However, even well-intentioned employees can overlook the unintended consequences; the ‘ripple effects’ of poor people decisions. 

Using over 20 years of consultancy in growing more inclusive cultures and advising clients on some of the simplest ways to how to handle difficult colleagues, Dr Doyle-Morris will focus on how to: 

  • Recognise the vital differences in being a ‘ally, accomplice or co-conspirator’
  • Stand up to toxic behaviour and workplace politics to foster a stronger culture
  • Reward top performers for their values, not just their financial value

This presentation has been customised for online interaction with attendees in 35-40 minutes. It is often paired with either a panel discussion, or Q&A with Dr. Doyle-Morris. 

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Extending your positive ripple effect in tricky situations and within workplace politics

In the second session, Dr. Doyle-Morris embeds the learning further using the chat box with self-reflection exercises. This technique helps people engage further with the material; something she started in the first presentation. She’ll dig deeper to highlight how you can advocate better for yourself in the face of ‘equalities doubters’ and workplace politics. Plus, she’ll share key tactics for becoming better advocates for one another – vital for workplaces that value diverse voices.

In this session, we’ll focus on: 

  • Coaching techniques for challenging assumptions
  • Choosing the right place, time and way to challenge
  • Disagreeing and making counter-arguments within workplace politics
  • Amplifying ‘non-status quo’ voices
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