Like a boss

How successful women raise their profile without selling their souls

​This has been a firm favourite since it accompanied her first book about successful women; ‘Beyond the Boys’ Club’.  

Dr. Doyle-Morris uses this presentation to offer tangible strategies that benefit audience members of all backgrounds.

20 years of successful women have created the content

Dr. Doyle-Morris addresses tactics to work around the constant challenges faced by successful women like her clients, such as being undermined by a boss.

In this talk, she helps people own their achievements to become comfortable with self-promotion. They maintain their integrity by doing it not just for themselves, but also their teams, clients and everyone with whom they work. This help them get the recognition they deserve, while saving ‘their soul’. 

Dr. Doyle-Morris builds on her long-standing coaching practice with successful women and academic research. This gives audience member tactics they can immediately take away. She even covers how to respond when other people take credit for your hard earned work.

Dr. Doyle-Morris focuses on:​ 

  • Getting comfortable with being ‘80% perfect’ 
  • ‘Tooting your own horn’ whilst maintaining your credibility and authenticity 
  • Recognising you won’t get the next level without delegating more at both work and home 

This presentation has been customised for online interaction with attendees in 35-40 minutes. It is often paired with either a panel discussion, or Q&A with Dr. Doyle-Morris. 

Beyond the boys club

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