book on money and power

How to talk about money and power

Quite a lot, it turns out, and a lot is determined by how your partner views your earnings – particularly as it relates to how they feel about money and power in the relationship. When I began my research into the lives of female breadwinners, over a decade ago, very few people had looked at these women as a […]

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Challenge words and definitions with Dr Suzanne Doyle-Morris in IWD pose

How to challenge words and definitions

As part of your personal shout out for the upcoming International Women’s Day and its #BreakTheBias theme, I’d invite you to think hard about the words we use and what they may hide. I love a bit of word-play 🙂 so let’s challenge the idea that ‘confidence’ is what counts. Everyone I know has made more progress by capitalising on their skills, expertise and

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