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USP Examples and How to Create your Own

Creating your own USP and knowing how to use your unique selling point appropriately can be an issue in one’s career. In this video, Dr Suzanne Doyle-Morris talks about what is your USP, how to find your USP, USP examples and personal USP examples. These can greatly enhance your career and get you the promotion that you deserve.

​This really simple AND QUICK exercise will help you discover how to find your USP! I’ve got plenty of USP examples to help you.

I’ve helped many clients understand what their own USP is. And here’s why…
Owning their unique selling proposition, has been a key part of many of their success, mainly because it helped people know what to go to them for.

Any interview – whether it’s for a promotion or in a completely new organisation, has two key parties, YOU and THEM

So this involves thinking about the USP (Unique Selling Point) of both

And both will involve doing your homework first. Watch today’s video to find out exactly how to create your own personal USP using my examples. 

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