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Beyond the Goals: Redefining Self-Worth for the Hyper-Achiever

In my Confidence Catalyst Programme, we are working with Positive Intelligence® to uncover our ‘gremlins.’ Find out which inner saboteurs are holding you back here. This week, I’m looking at the Hyper-Achiever gremlin – for those with this saboteur, redefining self-worth beyond constant performance is particularly important.

The Hyper-Achiever

Sarah, like many of my Confidence Catalyst clients, is accustomed to being one of the few, if not the only, woman in the meetings she attends. Being a ‘Hyper-Achiever’ however, is when being a high-achiever tips into unhealthy habits and assumptions. Redefining self-worth away from hitting ever-higher goals is a big part of the solution. 

Hyper-achievers seem: 
  1. Driven – Never completely satisfied with what they just achieved.
  2. Goal-oriented – Always reaching for the next goal.
  3. Self-directed – ‘I’ll be happy when…’
  4. Competitive – ‘Success is what it’s all about.’
  5. Status-conscious – Dependent on hitting targets for self-respect and self-validation.

On to the Next Thing …

Happiness and contentment is always one achievement away. As a Hyper-Achiever myself, I know this ‘gremlin’ leads to unsustainable workaholic tendencies and even a loss of connection with the people that matter. This means redefining self-worth is vital. 

Hyper-Achievers focus on being efficient and effective, but this approach leads to a lack of peace and happiness when not being proactive; for example, Sarah spoke of the hollowness she felt in the months after collecting her PhD. Redefining self-worth away from her targets was a big part of the answer for Sarah.

Does This Sound Like You?

  1. When were you last happy with your achievements? 
  2. How long did that happiness last? 
  3. When did working hard and doing everything perfectly, still not end with the result you wanted? How did you turn that into a positive?

If this sounds familiar to you, get in touch about my executive coaching, my next Confidence Catalyst programme, or even a webinar for your audience to explore this further!

Breaking the Cycle: Redefining Self-Worth Beyond Achievements
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Breaking the Cycle: Redefining Self-Worth Beyond Achievements
Explore ways to break free from the hyper-achiever mindset and redefining self-worth beyond constant performance. Uncover strategies to find fulfilment and balance in your life.
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